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What Should Architecture Students Do During Summer Break?

Here in Australia we are currently on our summer break, well those of us who didn’t do any summer school. I don’t know about you but at the start of the break, or even the shorter winter break, I think about all the stuff I want to do. I mean there is a lot that

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Summer Portfolio Workshop ’15

Yesterday was the second annual SONA Summer Portfolio Workshop held at the MPavilion, you can read about last years one here. This year was a similar format, with a 20 minute talk followed by breaking into groups for some critiquing and general discussions revolving around portfolios. I brought along the portfolio I am preparing for

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Summer Portfolio Workshop

Tonight, us at SONA Victoria put together a portfolio workshop for students to engage with local architects, at the much appropriate venue of the MPavilion (official website here) by Sean Godsell. I did unfortunately end up arriving late, working in Melton, traffic and then finding a car spot, so I missed out on hearing the

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