Execution is Everything

“What is more important, an idea or its execution?” That question was proposed on The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon, the theoretical physicist was in favour of execution whilst Leonard, a experimental physicist was all about the idea. It is an interesting question that is highly […]

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I Never Learn

How many times have you closed off the reminder to save your work only for the software to crash with hours of unsaved work? How many times have you said to yourself “I’ll back up my files on Monday” only for your computer to crash […]

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Then and Now

I graduated from high school back in 2006, that means (if I’ve done my maths correct) it is our 10 year reunion this year…. Well I know it is because I was invited to the event, but hopefully I won’t be able to make it. […]



If you follow me on the Instagram you may be aware that yesterday was my presentation for final review. And if you follow this blog, or my ‘gram, or my Twitter, you would know I haven’t been shy in sharing my struggles with this semester’s studio. […]

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“Architecture is Not Vital”

On a Facebook status through Hack on triple j there was a discussion surrounding the possible cancelation of funding for art degrees and I decided to see what people were saying. I came across a comment that a lot of professions that used some form […]

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Revit in Architecture School

I came about a post on Linkedin, Should Architecture Students Use Revit? and thought I’d offer my perspective on the topic. I’ve been using Revit since the end of first at TAFE, 6 years ago, and have used it in both a professional and educational […]


Physical Worth?

Right now I am in the midst of removing ‘stuff’ from my life, whether it’s clothes, old letters from the bank and overused pens. All this has to do with my decision to pursue a more minimalist lifestyle, which I thought I kinda did but […]

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