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Students VS Structure

At least one subject a year, sometimes two, in architecture school involves structure and/or construction. In early years it’s simply learning the basics, and later on you learn how to detail construction or design structure. I also come from a TAFE background, and working with builders, so […]


How I Turned it Around

Do you ever have them subjects where you expect the worst? You don’t only expect a fail, but a hard fail at that. If you read this blog regularly you’d know of my struggles this semester with studio, if you aren’t aware just randomly click […]

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It’s All Relative

During my studies I have became acquainted with fellow architecture students across all year levels, especially when I was Deakin’s SONA representative (because, well, that was kind of my role). I started my journey as a 22-year old doing the Advanced Diploma of Building Design […]



If you follow me on the Instagram you may be aware that yesterday was my presentation for final review. And if you follow this blog, or my ‘gram, or my Twitter, you would know I haven’t been shy in sharing my struggles with this semester’s studio. […]

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Revit in Architecture School

I came about a post on Linkedin, Should Architecture Students Use Revit? and thought I’d offer my perspective on the topic. I’ve been using Revit since the end of first at TAFE, 6 years ago, and have used it in both a professional and educational […]


Physical Worth?

Right now I am in the midst of removing ‘stuff’ from my life, whether it’s clothes, old letters from the bank and overused pens. All this has to do with my decision to pursue a more minimalist lifestyle, which I thought I kinda did but […]

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Architects Do It With Models

I’ve never been much of a model maker, it could be that the very first model I did went horribly wrong and wanted to avoid that again. During a group assignment I nominated myself NOT to help with the model making and have even turned […]

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Let it Go

This post would have been published earlier but I spent the last few hours listening to ‘Let it Go’ on repeat. If you keep up with this blog you’d know I haven’t been faring too well this semester with my studio project. Yesterday I had […]

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Defeated Already

Yesterday was our mid-semester crit for studio and things didn’t go too well for me. I can’t recall anything positive said about my design, and rightly so as what I presented was fairly rubbish. Typically I do a play-by-play recount leading up to reviews but […]