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Is Nightingale Night School For You?

Whilst this is oddly specific and tailored to students at the Melbourne School of Design heading into Design Thesis during the second semester and Nightingale Night School happens to be an option, I’ll also try and make it broad enough to appeal to everyone. Ultimately this blog post will be about what are your interests,

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Getting to Auroville – That Week in Auroville Part 1

I’ve mentioned in passing about the time spent in Auroville for last semester’s design studio, but I haven’t really sat down and wrote about the whole experience. I thought I’d do a little blog series about that week in April, which my feelings have shifted slightly since immediately returning. I won’t give you a history

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It’s All Relative

During my studies I have became acquainted with fellow architecture students across all year levels, especially when I was Deakin’s SONA representative (because, well, that was kind of my role). I started my journey as a 22-year old doing the Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural) with no real formal knowledge of architecture or design.

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