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Architecture by Anthony

It’s been a few more months since my last post, and I’ve been really terrible with posting here. I wanted to do a quick post to mention something that you may not be aware, but I’ve started a new thing, Architecture by Anthony. At the moment it exists as a YouTube channel and Instagram account,

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Where Am I Now?

It’s been 42 days since I wrote the sentence “Or maybe I need to take a few more steps back and think ‘Should I do something else?’” on a blog post explaining my situation at the time. If you haven’t read it, a brief summary is I lost all motivation for architecture, and not just

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An Explanation

I want to use this post to explain a couple things, and for me personally as a way to get some thoughts out. I have touched on briefly about this in scattered tweets and Instagram posts but I don’t think I’ve properly addressed here on the blog. As many of you may know, I am

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