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Best Nine of 2016

As is tradition on the blog I thought I’d share the best nines of 2016, including the best nine blog posts that were written this year. These are based on the number of views, and it gives me a form of indication of what you […]

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Execution is Everything

“What is more important, an idea or its execution?” That question was proposed on The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon, the theoretical physicist was in favour of execution whilst Leonard, a experimental physicist was all about the idea. It is an interesting question that is highly […]

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“Architecture is Not Vital”

On a Facebook status through Hack on triple j there was a discussion surrounding the possible cancelation of funding for art degrees and I decided to see what people were saying. I came across a comment that a lot of professions that used some form […]

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Physical Worth?

Right now I am in the midst of removing ‘stuff’ from my life, whether it’s clothes, old letters from the bank and overused pens. All this has to do with my decision to pursue a more minimalist lifestyle, which I thought I kinda did but […]

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I’m Sorry I Lied

I posted a photo on Instagram with a new watch I got from Uncle Jack with the caption “Minimalism and simplicity… I’m currently writing my manifesto on this and it’s how I like my architecture. It also pushes into my life such as my desk […]

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The MSD Then and Now

Last week as part of a discussion in class we entered into a debate about the Melbourne School of Design building by John Wardle Architects, namely in the regards to ‘performance’. Performance can mean several things in architecture discussions, but it was regarding how the […]


How to Be Like Bjarke Ingels

Yesterday I had a rather brutal crit, the tutor basically ripping into my work, the way I presented and my demeanour. To be fair, it was warranted as my level of enthusiasm towards the studio hasn’t exactly been high. My tutor told me to look at […]


5 Best Things When Working for a Builder

I’ve been quite fortunate to have been employed in the building industry since my second year at TAFE, well with a couple brief stints of unemployment. I’ve worked with a precast concrete manufacturer, an architectural firm and a small commercial builder. Majority of employment however […]

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