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It’s All Relative

During my studies I have became acquainted with fellow architecture students across all year levels, especially when I was Deakin’s SONA representative (because, well, that was kind of my role). I started my journey as a 22-year old doing the Advanced Diploma of Building Design […]


I Never Learn

How many times have you closed off the reminder to save your work only for the software to crash with hours of unsaved work? How many times have you said to yourself “I’ll back up my files on Monday” only for your computer to crash […]

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Sleep Fixes Everything

Do you ever get that feeling of being so overwhelmed you can’t do anything? Like, trying to even watch a video on YouTube, or even writing a blog post is so difficult you struggle to concentrate or think, where every little thing is escalated? That […]

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Words from a Danish Exchange Student

Everyone should do this! Go abroad and do architecture! It’s the perfect way of getting some perspective on your education and it’s a great personal challenge. You will never forget the experience and it will for sure change your life. Throw yourself out there! Out […]

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Just Try to be Good

It’s 10:00pm, Friday night and I’m exhausted. I spent the morning at work, working on as-builts for a project we are finishing, then came straight to Melbourne (only from Melton) and headed to a group meeting for an university subject. After that was a lecture, […]

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100 Tips for Architecture Students

I’m not sure about you guys? But during my education I realised that there was a lack of information available for architecture students, especially in terms of achieving the grades we want! My journey began with studying for my Bachelors degree at the University of […]


Life After Architecture School

For some of you, the journey is just beginning, and for other the end is on the horizon, but for me, it’s all over. Architecture school that is. There was a huge sigh of relief as I completed my thesis presentation, followed by a feeling […]