That’s it, I’m done, I’m calling it quits… For 2017. This year has been fairly scattered and the blog is reflective of this, so despite there still being 12 days left of 2017 I’m doing my end of year post. In past ‘end-of-year’ posts I’ve listed the top posts for the year, however I’ve only written 12 posts so to do a Top 10 seems a bit meaningless. Instead I’ll go through some major highlights for the year;

  • The year started off complicated and confusing, where I didn’t know what I was doing. If you read this post, you get an idea of where my head space was at.
  • It was also around this time I began the Adventures by Anthony thing and began exploring Melbourne and Victoria, as a way to have a break from architecture.
  • Halfway through February I started to see some clarity on the future, where I didn’t see myself being an architect anymore but I still would be involved in the architecture field.
  • A graduate approached me wishing to write an exposé on the life of an architecture graduate. It’s has been the most read article of all-time on this blog, so in the event you haven’t read it, click here.
  • I started back at architecture school, with a very interesting studio involving travel to India. I started writing on this, but also have made a couple videos as well.
  • A few days after a successful final crit, in which one of them said “I hope that they build this” (I was last so I assume they were tired and delirious), I jumped in a camper-van with a couple friends and drove to Uluru and back.
  • I started the thing I’m calling Architecture by Anthony, the brother to Adventures by Anthony. Basically it’s currently a YouTube channel and Instagram account and I’m looking to make a range of architecture videos and take plenty of photos.
  • Of course one of the big things of 2017 was Design Thesis! I was fortunate to successfully ballot for Nightingale Night School and for my final presentation I began and finished with the Frank Gehry middle-finger.
  • After finishing thesis I reflected on these strange feelings I was having. To save me trying to explain it again, check out the post.
  • Despite how up-and-down this year has been, despite how much uncertainty and questionability it’s been filled with, I am excited to end the year on a massive high. I can’t say too much about it just yet, but I am beyond excited for 2018. I’ll be updating you with everything once I can!

Looking back 2017 has been a crazy year, so much has happened whether it’s been university-related or more personal. At the start of the year I never imagined I’d be here by the end of it. Of course the big question on everybody’s mind is, “What’s going to happen to this blog next year?” It’s a valid concern as I know how much this blog means to you (sarcasm disclaimer). Technically next year I’m due to graduate, which means technically I’d no longer be an architecture student, let alone THAT architecture student. However over the new year I’m going to sit down and look at everything. There’s still so much to write and share! There’s a lot more I want to do with this blog! I’m hoping over the next couple weeks I can figure things out and begin 2018 with a renewed focus!

And that’s it for 2017, wish you all a safe and happy holiday period. Let me know in the comments what you’re getting up to! Me? I’ll be taking it easy, I don’t have any major plans or parties. Have a safe New Years and I’ll see you all in 2018!

Edit: I do want to thank those who have supported the blog this year, whether you shared, commented or even through the simple act of reading a post. This year wasn’t exactly consistent, and to still see people subscribe and engage is amazing. So once again, THANK YOU for your continuing support, and I promise 2018 will be a bigger and better year!