I love Instagram, there I said it. I manage four accounts, three of which are themed/based around architecture. I genuinely believe architecture students should be using Instagram as a way to brand/market themselves, but that’s a post for another time. Back in early 2015 I wrote a post “are you on the Instagram?” which explained why you should be on the platform, this post I’m assuming you’ve followed my advice and you are on the Instagram and now looking for 11 Instagrammers to follow. Before I start this list, the order is irrelevant, #1 isn’t a better Instagrammer than #11.

11. @arc.humor

While I’m not a huge fan of “memes”, @arc_humor is an exception. Sometimes when you’re procrastinating studio via browsing Instagram, it’s good to have a laugh. Sadly sometimes the joke hits home a bit too hard!

10. @donotsettle

I don’t only love @donotsettle‘s Instagram but their YouTube channel is also a great watch! They take a range of fascinating photos of architecture and urbanism, including some nice drone shots lately!

9. @critday

If you’re looking for some rendering or model inspiration, you can’t go past @critday. Not only that, their #critday gives you an opportunity  to be reposted to their account, which puts your work in front of 85,000+ people… Not bad.

8. @bobborson

Mr Life of an Architect himself, @bobborson gives you an insight to what an architect does on a day-to-day basis. He also has a cute puppy, @leni_theaussie which is always a good reason to follow an account!

7. @bowerbird.io

Although they are a company which focuses on getting architects published, students should follow @bowerbird.io purely for the amazing projects they showcase on their account!

6. @archdaily

We visit archdaily.com frequently, so surely you should be following them on Instagram? What I like most about @archdaily is the account is a mix of a human posting native photos and posting professionally photographed projects (a lot of p’s in that sentence!)

5. @benjaminuyeda

This one may seem a bit “left of field” but seeing @benjaminuyeda make all these pieces of furniture and nick-nacks is really motivating and makes you want to focus on your craft.

4. @bjarkeingels

Do I need to say more? @bjarkeingels just gets it!

3. @next_top_architects

Much like @critday, @next_top_architects is an account built around architecture students. A great source of inspiration, and at 624k followers they seem to know what works.

2. @fer__neyra

An account just filled with beautiful graphical representations, @fer__neyra is an artist! Scroll through his feed and try not to be inspired to create similar graphics.

1.5. @architecturebyanthony

Yes I’m self-plugging, it’s my blog, I’m allowed to. A new account, @architecturebyanthony will be providing a mix of photos relating to architecture from my personal perspective.

1. @byanthony__

Yes another plug, but see what I mean that #1 doesn’t mean it’s the best? Formerly @thatarchitecturestudent, @byanthony__ gives you an insight to an architecture student’s life.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, there’s so many accounts I’ve left off because who wants to read an article “389 Instagrammers Architecture Students Should Follow”? Writing this however has given me an idea to put together a little series of Instagram for Architecture Students where I’ll share a few more lists like this, ways to use Instagram as a student and so fourth.

Were there any major accounts I missed out on? Comment below who I missed and I’ll use those to compile a “people’s choice” list. Also, if there is any specific topic you want me to talk about in the Instagram series, let me know.