I thought I’d write a quick update post, just to explain a bit of what’s been happening and what is hoping to happen. My last post was back in early March, but was a bit of a weak post. I then published a hugely popular post (written by someone else) in mid-late-February, and a week prior was a major post by me. Through all of this time I haven’t written much on this blog, so it’s time to change that.

In my last major post I talked about an “idea of a new lifestyle involving architecture, and not revolving around it, and the possibilities that creates excites me.” I also questioned my future as an architect, with “Maybe I won’t end up being an “architect” but maybe I’ll find something different in the industry, who knows what that looks like but the industry is constantly evolving.” Since then I have been fiddling around in my head with what this could manifest itself to be, not quite ready to talk about it all as I still need to figure a lot of it out yet but I haven’t been picturing, or daydreaming is perhaps a better word, myself as an architect in the future, and guess what? That daydream of not being an architect, but being something else, it excites me. I’m not scared of the future and I no longer feel I’ve wasted the last 7 or so years of my life.

Studio this semester was something completely unexpected, it was a project in Auroville, India. If you aren’t familiar with Auroville, don’t worry I never heard of it prior to studio. If you want some information about it, I suggest reading my other blog which has two posts on it. Anyway, our brief was to design an extension of sorts to an existing educational and cultural centre in one of the villages that sits outside of Auroville. What was amazing about this studio was we actually travelled to Auroville as a class, and spent a week there. We met architects, checked out all the different institutions, met with our “clients”, I even celebrated my birthday over there. However the studio hasn’t been without its challenges, including some early personal frustrations and running out of time towards the end. Regardless, if you want to see the studio in pictures, check my Instagram.

What else? Well I did an architecture and media elective, which was interesting. My second elective was conservation in East Asia where I focused on modern architecture in Japan. It was nice to apply some things from my travels to Japan last year. That’s about the extent of my university this semester.

Besides all that, I recently got back from a 10-day Uluru road-trip with a classmate from studio this semester and her housemate. It was a great trip to just get away from everything, leaving just a couple days after presenting studio. You can read about it on my other blog, and see the Instagram photos here and here.

That’s about it, it’s not that I have been SUPER BUSY so I couldn’t write anything. It’s more so taking some time off to try and figure things out. In saying that, I do have a few posts I want to write, and hoping to really get stuck into working everything out so I can start to make things happen. Definitely watch this space.