As is tradition on the blog I thought I’d share the best nines of 2016, including the best nine blog posts that were written this year. These are based on the number of views, and it gives me a form of indication of what you like reading and seeing. It’s been an interesting year to say the least, beginning my masters degree, completing a half-marathon, attempting to get more into photography and travelling overseas for the first time. If you’re bored over the next few days here are nine articles you may enjoy reading.


9 _ Talking Late-Nighters and Mentoring with Atelier Red+Black

On the 5th of May I sat down with Michael Smith and Sonia Sarangi from Atelier Red + Black to talk about their time as students. Michael and Sonia are both very active in the architecture scene, and I met them through their involvement. When I asked Michael and Sonia for an interview they were more than willing, and so I’m excited to share with you my first interview for the blog, with Michael and Sonia, enjoy.

8 _ Defeated Already

Yesterday was our mid-semester crit for studio and things didn’t go too well for me. I can’t recall anything positive said about my design, and rightly so as what I presented was fairly rubbish. Typically I do a play-by-play recount leading up to reviews but for this one I wanted to focus on something in particular. Recently there has been an increase in articles and discussions surrounding mental health issues in architecture school, and as a current student I wanted to chime in.

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7 _ The MSD Then and Now

Last week as part of a discussion in class we entered into a debate about the Melbourne School of Design building by John Wardle Architects, namely in the regards to ‘performance’. Performance can mean several things in architecture discussions, but it was regarding how the building performs in a sustainability/quantifiable sense. What transpired however were students venting some frustration about how the building performs in other respects, and….


6 _ How to Be Like Bjarke Ingels

Yesterday I had a rather brutal crit, the tutor basically ripping into my work, the way I presented and my demeanour. To be fair, it was warranted as my level of enthusiasm towards the studio hasn’t exactly been high. My tutor told me to look at Bjarke Ingels and to really study how he works. That’s what I have done today, I have looked at a couple projects in detail, watched a couple of his TED Talks and read some of his book. This ‘How-to’ guide to being like Bjarke Ingels…..


5 _ Revit in Architecture School

I came about a post on Linkedin, Should Architecture Students Use Revit? and thought I’d offer my perspective on the topic. I’ve been using Revit since the end of first at TAFE, 6 years ago, and have used it in both a professional and educational setting. I also took some tutorials for some students to teach them the basics of Revit, and I have shifted my thinking a year ago. With all that, I think I have some experience to confidently talk about this, but keep in mind this is through my own experiences.


4 _ 100 Tips for Architecture Students

“I’m not sure about you guys? But during my education I realised that there was a lack of information available for architecture students, especially in terms of achieving the grades we want! My journey began with studying for my Bachelors degree at the University of Lincoln in the UK. Although I was satisfied with my results I aspired for better grades. During my Masters, like many architecture students, I pushed myself beyond physical and emotional limitiations…..” GUEST POST

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3 _ Tools I Use in Studio

The architecture student is introduced to a lot of tools in their first year, however when you are about to start Masters you start to rely on less and focus on what you can do with what you have. From time-to-time new tools may be briefly introduced but for my last two studios for undergrad I stuck with trace paper, sharpies, SketchUp, Revit and Photoshop. Heading into Masters, watch what tools I intend to use.


2 _ Life After Architecture School

“For some of you, the journey is just beginning, and for other the end is on the horizon, but for me, it’s all over. Architecture school that is. There was a huge sigh of relief as I completed my thesis presentation, followed by a feeling of intense panic as the entire rest of my life loomed ahead. What was I going to do now? Is there even life after architecture school?!” GUEST POST



1 _ So You’re About to Begin Studying Architecture?

Over the last five years studying there are a few things I’ve learnt that I wish I had known earlier. As I finish my studies and you start yours I hope this will give you a good head start!
Be yourself: Architects come in all shapes and sizes and if anything being different is your greatest asset. Just because everyone is trying to become the next “Corbs” or Zaha doesn’t mean you have to be…..

I want to thank everyone who has clicked on this blog this year, those who interacted with this blog in some form or another and those who wrote guest posts as well. I really enjoy blogging, and looking at this year versus last year I feel I am getting better with it all. I can only be excited for what 2017 has planned for me!