I got this idea from Archdaily who put out an article about the unanswered questions, except they never really answered them. I decided to screen shot “why do architecture s” and a couple interesting questions popped up. I thought it’d be good to sit down and answer some of these, but keep in mind that everyone is different. The reason why one student drops out would be different to another student, or why I pull all-nighters would be different to the person next to me at 3am in the studio. With that said, let’s try and answer some frequently Googled questions, or FGQ as I like to call it.screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-3-13-55-pmWhy do architecture students drop out?
Everyone has their own reasons to drop out, some find the workload too intense and other people are still finding themselves. Architecture school is brutal, especially in the first couple years where you are bombarded with so much information and skills that need learning it can feel extremely overwhelming. Some people may drop out due to personal reasons or realising after a couple years of architecture school it isn’t really what they want to do. I guess a piece of advice to give, if you are unsure what you want to do with your career, I suggest NOT studying architecture, study something that gives you less stress and more freedom.

Why do architecture students pull all nighters?
Ahhh the classic all-nighter, it almost goes hand-in-hand with architecture school. I say almost because there are those few students who never needed to do one, and I can only guess because they are organised with their time? Personally I have pulled many an all-nighter and there’s often a misconception that all-nighters equal dedication, that’s not true, well in my case. The reasons I would pull all-nighters is due to poor time management, where I might not work as hard as I should in the weeks leading up to a crit and instead try and cram it all in a week. I wouldn’t say the reason is a high workload, don’t get me wrong there is a lot of work to do but as with any creative project the real battle is knowing when to stop designing. If you could pause the design and enter production mode earlier, and work hard during the day weeks in advance, you won’t need to pull any all-nighters.

Why do we study architecture?
This seems like an odd question to Google, are they being really deep and questioning it like ‘why are we here?’ or is it more a pragmatic style? If it’s pragmatic, we study architecture to become architects, yeah? In order to become an architect here in Australia you need to have a degree from an accredited institution, and then from there you need to log X amount of hours with a range of experiences and roles, depending on your state. Although I do recommend clicking here so you can find out what exactly you need to do for your individual state and circumstances. If you are outside of Australia, just visit your national institute of architects website to get the information you need.

Why do you study architecture?
Okay this is a bit more personal than the question above, and one where I can properly answer without assumptions. I study architecture for a couple reasons, number one is for the goal of becoming a registered architect. But why do I want to become an architect? If you read my post ‘Then and Now‘ you’d know that I haven’t always wanted to be an architect. That said, and I don’t think I addressed it in my post, I did have a big interest in design. When I wanted to be a personal trainer I really enjoyed setting up the home gym, ‘designing’ workout plans and such. When I worked out that ‘architecture’ was the right career path it all made sense in that I could design but also occasionally get out on job sites and see it being built. There’s also elements such as problem solving, researching and having particular set of skills which I love about the architecture profession.

If you’re someone who Googled any of the above questions which brought you here, I hope they have answered it. If not, feel free to keep Googling or send me a email or leave a comment and we will see if I can answer it further. If you didn’t Google those questions but just came here because I linked on Facebook or Twitter, I’d like to hear your answers to any of the above questions.

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