I posted a photo on Instagram with a new watch I got from Uncle Jack with the caption “Minimalism and simplicity… I’m currently writing my manifesto on this and it’s how I like my architecture. It also pushes into my life such as my desk which is a piece of plywood on some saw horses. The more I think about it, I’m a pretty minimal guy living a minimal lifestyle. So when I stumbled across @unclejackwatches and saw jus how beautifully minimal and simple their design was, I had to get one… Black-on-black of course, because architecture“. Later that evening I was at my desk watching some YouTube videos on minimalism and paused for a moment, looked around my room and my heart sank, I realised I lied in that caption. I have so much clutter and junk over my room, and in my car, there’s no way I can currently identify as a Minimalist.

When I realised that I ‘lied’ I saw an opportunity to take the leap and truly go minimal, in all aspects of my life. With my manifesto and studio project based around minimalism it makes sense to fully convert to a Minimalist. It’s kind of like method-acting? Or not? It probably isn’t. There are 45 days until submission of my studio project, a month-and-a-half, that seems like a good amount of time to test out a minimalist lifestyle.

Over the next 45 days I’ll be writing posts keeping you updated on what I’m doing to achieve this Minimalist lifestyle and what effects it is having. I’ll cover topics such as fashion, readings, styling, how to declutter, cooking and the like over time. It’s something that I’m quite excited to try, and it will involve extensive decluttering, changing things up and trying new things. I have already started the process with this blog, making the home page quite minimal, and clearing my desk. If you aren’t already, follow me on Instagram as I’ll be posting photos there regularly, and I have also started a Pinterest board with minimalism that is inspiring me.

A part of why I’m doing this is research, as stated above, but it is something that appeals to me personally. Minimalism is something that interests me on an architectural level, but I have also found it in my own graphic design. However I do have quite a bit of clutter, in fact I’m looking at two washing baskets on my bed right now (seriously, why does a single guy own two washing baskets?!), so ridding my life of this excess junk will be beneficial. This won’t be something that happens over the weekend where by Monday morning I’m suddenly a Minimalist. It will take time, focusing on one area at a time, and it’s this journey I want to bring you along.