Now that I am in Masters, and have my little piece of paper that proves I finished my Bachelors, I feel like I should pass on my wisdom. If you’re finding it particular difficult, don’t worry, I have compiled a giant list of three things that helped me get through the undergrad. To be honest, this list was actually a lot harder to construct than I imagined. My experience through undergrad wasn’t the smoothest or easiest, having failed a few subjects and my dad passing away. However, here are three things that got me through my undergraduate studies.

1 _ Really good tutors in my studios

I was very fortunate to have a few really good tutors for my studios, where often they would go beyond their expected role. There were two tutors in particular, and I won’t name names purely for their privacy if they read this I hope they know I’m talking about them, that even after the studio was finished for the trimester they continued to assist me. Sometimes just a casual chat in the studio, or their feedback on an entirely different studio, the little things they did helped a great deal.

2 _ Keep dreaming

I am a bit of a day-dreamer, however these daydreams kept me going. You could refer to these daydreams as goals, or perhaps you make goals that will help you reach your dreams, but thinking ‘big picture’ helped with the motivation. When it’s 3am and you’re in the studio, you’re tired, stressed and want to quit, these dreams keep you going. It’s just thinking about why you’re studying, what can your life be in 8 years time when you finish, what will graduation be like…..

3 _ Family

My family, in particular my dad and brother, really helped me get through undergrad. When I would visit home from time-to-time, dad would often ask me how university was going, and so I had to keep going to ensure I had good things to tell him. He would also talk about my studies to others, and knowing that he was proudly talking about me just fuelled me to continue pushing. My brother helped me a great deal, providing a place to stay for a few weeks when I was effectively homeless, phone calls full of hilarious banter and talking shop. When dad passed away before the start of my final semester I was unmotivated, as part of my dream that kept me going was obtaining a photo with dad at my graduation. My brother kept up the phone calls and messages, which helped a great deal with the grieving. There are also two more little motivational pieces, and they come in the form of my nieces. They don’t understand the concept of university at their age, but as they get older I want to be the uncle they can look up to, and completing the Bachelors was the first step. While they can drive me crazy at times (what <5 kids don’t drive people crazy?), I want to be a better person for them.

Tutors, dreams and family, those three little things got me through a difficult undergrad. Naturally you’ll find your own motivation, whether it’s work, friends, an inspiring architect, traveling, whatever it may be. If you are having trouble, remember you aren’t alone. Two out of my three were people, so speak to a tutor you like, or your family, or friends or a councillor, or a stranger.

Finished your undergrad? In Masters? Leave in the comments some things that helped you get through undergrad