Talk About Nerve Wracking

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Do I get nervous? Of course! I get nervous presenting. I get nervous submitting an assignment. I get nervous receiving grades from said assignments. I get nervous waiting for my crush to message me back. I even get nervous making a phone call to a tradie about a quote they provided. Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not on edge every waking minute, or become such a mess I can not function. However the other day I experienced something so nerve wracking it took a couple days to recover to write this post.

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On the way I was thinking just how nervous I was. It was going to cost upwards of $100 and I didn’t want to get it back to notice a spelling mistake. However the nerves were more associated¬†with the deeper meaning behind this portfolio and what it represented. This portfolio is a representation of me, it represents my skills, experience and my approach as a future architect. It represents my philosophies in design, both architecturally and graphically, in this particular point in my life. For me, I found it nervous to finally put all of that on a USB and get it printed.

File 17-07-2016, 9 43 06 PM

I had similar nerves when I submitted my portfolio for my application to MSD last year, where I was nervous if my work was good enough to be offered a place. This portfolio I printed on Friday, it’s going to be used when I start actively seeking a new job. I now wonder, am I good enough to be offered a job? Does this portfolio present my skills effectively?

I have been working on this portfolio for over 8 months now, which included a lot of procrastinating, excuses and re-designs. To then finally get it back from the printers, there was a strong sense of relief. This portfolio I took a slightly different approach, only including two projects, and the layout kept very simple.

To send something to print, making it tangible, representing (currently) the past six years of my life has to be one of the most nerve wracking things I’ve done.

P.S I will upload more of the portfolio at a later time

1 comments on “Talk About Nerve Wracking”

  1. I’m currently at a stage where Im doing the procrastinating, avoiding going through all my old work and putting it together. Im in my forth year I want to take a break by working before completing my last two years of Masters. Therefore i have to put a portfolio together.

    Don’t worry it is good enough and you are good enough! Goodluck


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