Yesterday was the opening night of MSDx’s mid-year exhibition, where the work from the first semester studios are on display throughout the Melbourne School of Design. I have attended exhibitions in the past, typically the end-of-year, as a guest but last night was a different experience being now a student. I was fortunate enough to have my work on display and it’s a strange feeling seeing your work on the walls where 7 months ago you were marveling at the work and wondering if you’re good enough to be accepted to the school.

I had one assignment left to do so I headed into the university before the exhibition to get some work done, then eventually put aside the work and went for a wander. The actual exhibition was pretty straight forward, spaces for exemplar projects, thesis and C,D,E studios. Some studios displayed every student’s work (like ours), others had only a select number of projects. I did a quick once around getting a sense of the studios, and to have a quick look at our studio’s setup.


Donald Bates addressing the crowd

There were from addresses from the Dean of the school and Donald Bates, and a small fashion parade of wearable architecture. Afterwards I just strolled around, on the lookout for food however this became upsetting when it would disappear mere seconds upon being brought out. Some quick chats with friends, classmates and my studio leaders and decided I seen enough. I went back to work on the final assignment and left the university around 11:30pm.

All-in-all it was a nice exhibition, great to see all the diverse studios and approaches by students. The exhibition is still up and runs until the 1st of July, so if you’re interested in seeing the work be sure to visit the Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne between 8am and 6pm, weekdays. Enjoy a selection of photos from the evening below.