Another title for this blog post could be “Murphy Back at it Again”, as that is what happened yesterday when printing for studio submission. Basically, whatever could have gone wrong, did. It started with coming into the uni as early as possible and sending it to the plotter, only to see there was no paper. Those in the FabLab would not arrive until 9pm, and once paper was added I checked the queue and I was down the list.

I tried printing my A4s, and were met with error messages on the computer. Went to the library to print but file was apparently too large. Came back to the MSD and saw my stuff print, of course in super-low quality. I got an update on my posters print, and told I was refunded my money and he wasn’t sure if it was a canceled job.

Time passed and another update was all jobs were canceled but he was then able to re-send my file to the plotter, and being first. He tried sending without success, as we learnt there were now server issues with the network connecting to the printers. This was around 12pm.

We decided to just send it to another plotter, which was lower quality only to discover the queue was long enough to make me unable to submit by 1pm. I took what I had (which were some poorly printed A4s and my poorly printed journal) to the submission, and the coordinator was aware of the issues with the uni printers and granted an unofficial extension for printing. All I needed to do was to upload to Google Drive and email him the link, just as proof I’ve done it.

After “submitting” I took my files to Dinkums, a local print place, in which I waited around 30 minutes for really good quality prints and paid a VERY reasonable price.

It took over 5 hours yesterday to print nothing. I have now learnt not to use the university printers for submissions, and will happily be taking my business to Dinkums. So basically, when the first problem started, it just created more and more until it was downpour of issues. Despite all of these issues, not once did I get stressed, even at the prospect of losing 10% for a late submission. At the end of the day, I got it printed, ready to present.

P.S I just went to see if my lower-quality posters printed, and they did. I’m glad I didn’t submit these.