It’s the end of Week 08 at university, I think (I’ve lost track of the days), and the assignments are piling up. Studio is starting to intensify and I’ve started to plan my days ahead in my head… Okay so if I work half-a-day tomorrow morning, then come back and spend an hour on this assignment, then that gives me four hours to get some studio done before class…. This is happening more often, doesn’t always work but I’m starting to be more aware of my time. When my friend from high-school asked me on Sunday if I wanted to go to the football on Friday night, I hesitated before answering…

After mind-planning my week, I was confidently able to answer with a “yeah”. What caused slight hesitation was an assignment due at 11:59pm on Friday, but I then realised I had 5 days to complete it!

File 30-04-2016, 10 54 22 AM

Friday rolled around and the plan was to catch up with him in the city at 5pm, pretty simple plan. I spent much of the morning finishing my assignment that was due last night, and submitted after lunch. The afternoon I spent a few hours working on studio, trying to figure out some design problems. However the time came around, I showered, threw on a North Melbourne guernsey and jumped on a tram.

File 30-04-2016, 10 55 14 AM

We first grabbed a couple beverages of the alcoholic nature at a Japanese bar, hidden down a laneway. We talked about disabled compliance rules and toilet requirements, noticing the other establishments around us. Now my friend isn’t an architect, but is a mechanical engineer, so I probably bored him a little.

Feeling hungry we went and grabbed some burgers, trying to devise a system of rating burgers. Why? We decided to become burger critics, start a burger blog and have burger places give us free burgers so we can rate their burgers! So much burgers! But of course we needed our own little hook or angle, in the end we rated based on dollars. I gave the burger at the start a $7, but at the end it was a $9.20 burger…. Sadly I don’t think the burger blog will take off the way I want, however if you own a burger shop and reading this, invite me for a free burger and I’ll say nice things?

File 30-04-2016, 11 07 07 AM

Making our way down town, walking fast, faces pass and we’re Etihad Stadium bound… to watch North Melbourne vs Western Bulldog. The game was fine, North Melbourne won which was ideal, and jumped on a packed tram back home. All-in-all it was a pleasant Friday night, I mean beverages, burgers and live footy is always a good night. But by taking the night off, today my mind is fresh and ready to tackle the other looming assignments and studio. Not to mention when walking around last night, I couldn’t help but take more particular notice of the laneways (their widths, height on the sides, articulation, etc) as I’m adding “laneways” in my project.

An architecture student needs to have at least one Friday night off….