Kevin Hui, or @swank_e in social media terms, organised an architecture marathon, or #archimarathon, back in January. Kevin often undertakes his own archimarathons while traveling the world, and his photos are just amazing. When I heard he was organising one for Deakin students in Melbourne, I locked in my place right away. But if this was back in January, why are you writing about it now? Well, he is thinking of organising another one soon, which prompted me to go through my blog and notice I never posted anything about the first.

Below is a movie I made about the day, which started at the Shrine of Remembrance and finished at the University of Melbourne. All-in-all, I think we covered around 11km on foot, not quite the 42km typically associated with a marathon, and gained some real insight into the buildings. I’m pretty excited to see what he has planned for the next one, but also itching to travel the world and do my own!

Now Kevin owns #archimarathon, I mean not technically or legally, but scroll through the photos and you’ll see those amazing photos are more-than-likely his. I need to think of my own hashtag when I start my own architecture marathons, maybe #archithon? Actually pretty happy with #archithon, #archithon it is!