It probably isn’t…. It’s currently 1:57pm, I have studio at 3:15pm, in which I may or may not present for mid-sem crit, otherwise I present on Thursday. Regardless of the day or time, I submitted my design/posters/work about an hour ago, got the posters printed and decided I’d quickly write about what was different leading up to this review. If you go back to 2014 in my blog you’ll see that I did a lot of all-nighters leading up to interim reviews and final reviews, this time was different.

After receiving a crit you don’t want to hear four days away from mid-sem, I was pretty stressed. My tutors weren’t convinced of my layouts, apartment designs and general approach to the design, so that evening I felt pretty defeated. I decided to bite the bullet, and take a risk, by changing my layout, redesigning the housing but keeping the overall idea of the negative-to-positive. On Friday I was still working on trace, with only three days left until mid-sem. I had work on Friday and Saturday morning, was meeting my brother and his family for a couple hours on Saturday, I was definitely feeling the pressure.

Cue Saturday night, I accepted that I would have to pull an all-nighter or two to get the work finished, however once it was 2am I decided to sleep for a few hours. I ended up sleeping for about 5-6 hours.

I woke up in a panic, realising I just wasted precious time doing something stupid like sleeping! Yesterday morning I convinced myself I would have to pull an all-nighter on Sunday to do it all, and in the meantime I worked on everything…

When I say work, I really mean “Do some work on studio, watch a YouTube clip or two, browse Instagram, do some more studio, some Facebook, more Instagram, read some twitters….” You get the picture.

It was 3am, 24hrs until submission, staring at my screen, crying on the inside. The crying was interrupted with toilet breaks given I had consumed about 6 (sugar-free) RedBulls from Saturday up until then. I decided to have a thirty-minute nap, just to give the batteries a quick charge. My alarm goes off, I groan, I re-set another alarm. Without knowing, I woke up at 6am, having slept a couple hours, I rub the tired from my eyes, cracked a RedBull and got back to work.

I ended up completing everything to a level I am somewhat happy with by 12pm. This gave me time to upload with no stress, grab lunch, print my posters without running around, watch some Casey Neistat and also write this post. Over the weekend I slept a total of around 10 hours, which may not seem like a lot but given the circumstances and my past history, 10 hours is like 5 days worth. I have harped on this in the last few blogs but I kept telling myself “Don’t try and be perfect dude, you don’t have time”. I can’t stress how unproductive being a perfectionist is!

If this was 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 or even 2015, I would have stayed awake all weekend to really not achieve more than what I have with sleep. I feel somewhat fresh, and a bit surprised with myself that I managed to make it to an interim review having sleep in the past few days…

However, I still have the presentation to go, so wish me luck.