The end of 2015 is nearly upon us, and generally it’s a good time to reflect on the year that was. 2015 for me was full of mixed-emotions, I achieved a major goal but also suffered a major loss, and a bunch of unimportant things (in comparison) happened. But I thought I’d share with you some of the things that happened, both the good and the bad, both the architecture and non-architecture.

  • The year started off with me and a small group of students working to start a new school-wide society at university, even working with a friend from Western Australia. Just after submitting all the paperwork, with myself as President, I cancelled the application and walked away due to internal conflicts with myself and a couple other students because of differing visions for the society.
  • A project I started working on in the prior year was completed, and I was lucky enough to watch the construction process. A second project I documented is still under construction but was exciting to start to see it get built.
  • Despite failing the subjects last year, I was able to get a lot of the subjects this year, and in an odd way glad I had to repeat. Had I just got 51s, I don’t think I would have learnt as much as I did this year. Yes my overall grade might be better but sometimes it isn’t about that.
  • I moved to Parkville, a tiny bit north of the Melbourne CBD, and this was big for me. Ever since leaving Heidelberg Heights in early 2010, my goal was to eventually move back to Melbourne. To not only move back, but in such a great location, in a nice little brick Victorian terrace, it makes it so much better.
  • I wrote a guest blog post over at Concept Cartel and saw for the first time my name next to an article published in a real-life magazine. This was quite exciting in both counts, and I was also asked to submit some more writing for it to be published next year, in the same magazine.
  • I got involved with #ArchiTalks with Life of an Architect and all the other architecture bloggers. I’ve written two posts with the series and both proved to be popular. I’m looking forward to continuing with the writing series next year.
  • A big event was People 2015, which I was involved with behind the scene as part of the coordinating committee. I was gifted with the responsibility of live-tweeting the event from the official SONA Australia Twitter account, and was able to meet Takaharu Tezuka (think, Fuji Kindergarten) among other architects. It also had a low point where I “slept” (didn’t sleep much) out on the streets in Melbourne as I missed the train back to Geelong, and it was freezing and did not prepare for it. Not to mention the first official day of the congress I was hungover.
  • I started a new project with work, Middle Park Studio, which I’ve got to design from the very start, something which I’ve never done. It’s currently in Town Planning but should know the outcome very soon.
  • Attended both the Open House Melbourne and Robin Boyd Open Day, where I got to experience architect-designed homes and buildings in person. Experiencing is a lot better than just seeing photos on ArchDaily.
  • I entered SuperStudio 2015 with two strangers and we came second in Victoria, then went on to receive a commendation award on the national level.
  • Wrote a very important blog post about working for free, which became my most read post and even got rejected by ArchDaily.
  • I attended an engagement party but turned out to be a wedding. Why is this in the list? The wedding was my best friends, a friend since I was 15, so I was quite moved to have shared it.
  • Had some fun with a scavenger hunt and learnt a lot of people actually do not care. Asked a stranger for a selfie, no issue. Asked a stranger to take a photo, no issue. Doing weird “yoga poses” in a busy Coles supermarket, no issue. I learnt to be a bit more confident and do my own thing because people really don’t care.
  • I started the ArchitectureVictoria Instagram account, and have 3,292 followers, covered the Victorian Architecture Awards, National Architecture Awards and ArchiTeam Awards.
  • Attended a portfolio workshop where I got really great advice, so good I changed my Masters application portfolio entirely.
  • Applied for Masters of Architecture at Deakin University, RMIT University and University of Melbourne. Deakin offered me a place, RMIT rejected me, will know the outcome of Melbourne early next year.
  • Decided to run a half-marathon in May because the new pants I bought wouldn’t fit me.

However there were two major events that happened, both on the other ends of the spectrum. One is a very joyous, happy event, the other is completely opposite. 2015 is the year I get to say that I completed my Bachelor of Design (Architecture), a goal I had from the first day of starting the Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural), six years ago. However, it is also the year where I lost my father. The battle he had with his illness from cancer was finally over, and he can now rest in peace, and be reunited with mum. Of all the fun memories and things I did this year, I would gladly not have them if it meant my dad was still around. Losing him is something I am still struggling with, and might not be dealing with it in the best way. All I wanted to do was attend graduation and afterwards get a photo with dad with me all kitted out, but that isn’t possible now, and now I won’t be bothering attending graduation as I don’t see any worth.

2015 was a big year, and moving forward I am trying to be positive for 2016. As it stands I will be starting my Masters of Architecture (at whichever university), continuing to work in the industry and will be attempting to run a half-marathon. I will also be blogging, Instagramming and hopefully make a few movies on YouTube, so I hope to share my 2016 with you. I also must thank everyone for their support during 2015, hope you’ve gained something through these posts and hope you have an enjoyable, and safe, New Years Eve celebration. What will I be doing? Staying at home, I might wander to the outskirts of the CBD and try and find a spot to watch the fireworks.