On Instagram there tends to be a trend at the end of the year to display your top photos, and I fall victim to it each time. Last year was a short video from Iconosquare that displayed your best moments on Instagram, a top 5 with the number of likes displayed. My top moment was a render from Design 3B which got 40 likes, and that video totaled a whopping 5 likes. The associated hashtag with the video #memoicono has 52,050 posts attached to it, with many 2015 videos popping up now. Why am I not doing another video? Iconosquare recently made it so only paying users can access analytic data and snapshots (where the video comes from), and I’m not in a position to be paying money to get a 7 second video.

Instead I’ve jumped on the #2015bestnine trend, and added my own flair. If you check out the hashtag, you see a lot of photos, with 553,744 posts at the time of writing this! A 3×3 grid snapshot of people’s best photos in the year, but what I ended up doing was creating my own. I could have used Layout, added the 9 photos and be done with it, but nope I wanted to be different. I created the grid outline on Indesign, loaded the photos and added text overlay to display ranking and the number of likes underneath. I was just going to post the photo and that’s it but I thought I’d write a quick blog post that tells a quick story behind the photo.

File 30-12-2015, 11 39 46 AM

Number 9 | 65 likes
“Them thoughts during final review!”

I drew this little ‘comic’ as I’ve had a couple of those thoughts before, especially ‘I want to sleep’ and I’m sure I’ve blabbed on in my presentation. It was just a quick little illustration, which I did a couple of in the general time period, just a way to have a little bit of fun.

File 30-12-2015, 11 38 15 AM

Number 8 | 65 likes
“Throwback to the time I almost went broke due to my love affair with yellow trace and encouragement from my tutor to just keep sketching, oh and also my ‘ice-cream’ people”

During Design 2A studio I really got into yellow trace, which was $27 or something a roll. I also had a tutor who just wanted me to keep sketching, and I did. I think I went through two rolls of the trace, which might only be $60 or so, but I was extremely poor and I could of used my hack and spent $4 for white baking paper. And for some reason during this studio I would draw my people like ice-cream in a cone, which was pointed out during a crit. Some people laughed at me.

File 30-12-2015, 11 39 59 AM

Number 7 | 69 likes
“Just a bit of studio banter! Anyone feel like this at final review?”

This was my first little thumbnail comic drawing, where I’ve shared this conversation with someone. I was at work, on a lunch break, and was just practicing drawing scale people in an attempt to find my ‘style’. Once  I drew two people I just thought about adding a conversation to it, and people reacted to it in a positive manner on the Instagram and on the Facebook.

File 30-12-2015, 11 39 09 AM

Number 6 | 74 likes
“I just stumbled across an article via @theagephoto re. the objection of zero car spaces for #Nightingale in Brunswick, just opposite #TheCommons both by @breathearchitecture……..”

A couple weeks prior I visited The Commons to get a few photos, then an article was posted by The Age about Nightingale. As a blogger I took to my outlet and ranted about developments and assuming everyone is the same. I was hesitant to blog about the indicident as I felt as an architecture student I wouldn’t have much authority to say anything but the post was viewed nearly 100 times.

File 30-12-2015, 11 37 30 AM

Number 5 | 75 likes
“Happy first birthday to my blog! My first post “using scale people” was posted twelve months ago………”

Only a few weeks ago this blog turned one year old, so I wanted to do a quick ‘Happy Birthday’ sketch to commemorate the occasion. If you see the post on Instagram you can read the whole spiel where I thank people and share some experiences that came about through the blog.

File 30-12-2015, 11 37 53 AM

Number 4 | 80 likes
“Out for a run in Abbotsford and came across Little Brick Studio! Gorgeous brickwork, great project @make_arch”

Needing to move my car around home, and go for a run, I figured I’d drive to Abbotsford as I knew the suburb Little Brick Studio was in and was hoping I could find it. Being creepy I went running around the area and eventually came across it, and paused the run so I could take a few photos.

File 30-12-2015, 11 40 20 AM

Number 3 | 81 likes
“Something I feel quite strongly about, we as students and graduates should be paid, not only is it the law, it’s also ethically the right thing to do………”

I was at a Robin Boyd Open Day and was speaking to a volunteer at a house, who was/is an architecture student at University of Melbourne. Eventually the conversation led to her wanting to find work experience, then a couple days later I wrote a lengthy blog post about why work experience isn’t okay. I’ve had a few ‘debates’ with people about unpaid jobs, and it is something I want to advocate against. The blog post linked to this photo was the most viewed post this year, and was ‘liked’ and shared on Facebook more than any.

File 30-12-2015, 11 39 24 AM

Number 2 | 87 likes
The Commons by@breathearchitecture somewhere where I would like to live, why? Looking past the obvious architectural merit the building has, it’s the little things that make it desirable…….”

The AIA started a new campaign, Where I’d Like to, with the first part in the series being based about living. Already planning to attend a networking event that evening, I went into Melbourne earlier in the day to get some photos of The Commons to enter in the photo competition. Plus it was a great excuse to visit quite possibly my favourite building in Melbourne, even Australia, or ever! P.S I ended up winning the competition!

File 30-12-2015, 11 38 32 AM

Number 1 | 88 likes
“Was great to hear @rocoyyo and @make_arch speak about homes for families this evening @mpavilion by @boydfoundation for #MTalks”

This was one of the first architecture events I attended when I moved to Parkville, and it was great to hop on a tram and a few minutes later I was at the MPavilion. After this talk a friend and I went to an architecture exhibition thing at a bar and had a drink, then a short tram ride back to my place. Had I been living in Geelong I don’t know if I would have attended but glad I did regardless, it was a great talk and got to see some great balsa wood models by Make Architecture.

These were my top photos this year on Instagram, and I still maintain that Instagram is the best social media platform for architects and it remains my favourite. I’ll be taking a new direction with my Instagram next year, with more ‘story telling’ and a more general look at my life. If you don’t already, you can follow me here, but that link may die at some point so just look to the right for The Instagram feed and follow it from there.