This past year I’ve wrote a bunch of posts, some intended to be humour and some intended to be serious. Some were about an event I went, others were rants and some contained advice. Over the year there has been around 10,000 views to this blog, but they weren’t evenly spread. Some posts appeared more favoured than the others, so I thought I’d do a quick Top 5, chosen by you, the readers.

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Number #5 | studio / life
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 September 8th, 2015
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Excerpt | There’s this belief, which I did held last year, that if you weren’t working on your design every waking minute you aren’t dedicated. How could someone be dedicated to the craft of architecture if they spend the weekend surfing? The students who do leave the studio at reasonable times can be just as much, or even more, dedicated then your little team of studio-mates.


Number #4 | the do’s and don’t’s of review
Published |
 April 12th, 2015
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Excerpt | DON’T get defensive of your project | I have seen students get VERY defensive of their projects, and when the reviewer would question something they did, or offer some criticism, the students would verbally fight back. Remember, they are there to critique your project, and they may not agree with what you did but you still need to keep your mouth closed and listen.


Number #3 | the three p’s of organisation in architecture [guest post by Nick Silagy]
Published | May 11th, 2015
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Excerpt | This is something I feel strongly about being a very bad choice. If you go back to your long term goals, you need to look after your health first and foremost. Skipping sleep will also have flow on effects as it can snowball out of control. You need to take breaks and you need to rest! It’s simply not worth it and sometimes you just need to say no. Handing in a project late or not 100% won’t kill you; staying up all night, stressing out, and skipping meals might.


Number #2 | I remember
Published |
 July 12th, 2015
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Excerpt | He touched the lives of many, whether through his building or his flowers. While he may be physically gone, his legacy, these memories, will continue. It was incredibly difficult to say goodbye to dad on Friday, but he is now at peace and reunited with mum. Not to sound, but if you didn’t know my dad, that is your loss. Dad,you can finally hang up the tools, sit down in your recliner, turn on the ABC and rest now.

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Number #1 | I will not work for free
Published |
 August 24th, 2015
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Excerpt | Studying, working for free, working at McDonalds, where is the leisure time? And what is probably the worst part about working for free as an architecture graduate or student? You go through five years of university, have $40k-$60k of debt, and a 17-year old McDonalds worker out-earns you.

These were the most viewed posts, surprisingly none of my ‘humour’ posts made it, guess I’m not as funny as I thought. Sorry to break it to you but I’m still going to try and write funny posts in the hopes one of them will make the list next year. Thank you to everyone who has supported the blog this past year, whether it’s through liking a post, commenting, tweeting or sharing, or even if you just read a post or two. I hope to see you visiting next year, it should be an exciting and full-on year.

Main photograph via Daniel Lawson