I haven’t really formally “announced” this but I got my results for my final subject last Friday and I passed, I have finished my Bachelor of Design (Architecture). It is a bittersweet moment, on one hand I have finally completed a goal I set out to do years ago, however on the other hand I can’t share this moment with mum or dad, physically. I was hoping dad would still be around to see me graduate but sadly he was needed elsewhere and I did end up having a tough final semester.I started this journey at 21 years of age, back in 2009 where I decided to pursue architecture. I have always had an interest in design and art, but I had a very short attention span when it came to career ideas. I eventually landed on ‘architect’ but was skeptical of gaining admission to university at 22, mainly because of my horrible UAI and lack of a portfolio and experience. I looked at a stepping stone in the Advanced Diploma of Building Design at TAFEs and eventually got accepted into Wodonga TAFE. Towards the end of first year I contemplated on transferring to an university, and the same thought towards the end of second year. However my brother and father advised against it and encouraged to finish it and get the piece of paper. It was kind of a big deal for me, as I have this a HUGE habit of starting things and never finishing.

Getting accepted into university was another big deal, and doing my third major move. I was very much nervous starting out, worried about being too practical, or not having good ideas, or an inability to draw artistically. I did put a lot of pressure on myself, second-guessed myself a lot and at times wondering if I made the right choice.

Starting university at 25 years of age is strange, well for me anyway. While I was doing crappy jobs, a lot of my mates were off at university and having a good time. They would party, make heaps of friends, form their tight friendships, do these crazy things and generally make some awesome memories. Granted, they were 18-22 at the time. Heading into university myself I knew I wouldn’t be partying and drinking beers in an inflatable pool on campus, and I think a part of me was a little bummed I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do these as I really wanted the ‘university experience’ but felt I was too old for that stuff.

I’ve grappled with the idea of having a year-out between bachelors and masters to work and maybe travel but I have put this ‘time period’ on myself. Effectively I’ll be starting masters when I’m 28, and I feel somewhat behind. It’s this odd feeling as there are many later bloomers than me, some who are a year younger, but I feel as though I’m late to the game and need to play catch-up. If I take a year off studying, I’ll fall further behind. I know a lot of people will say ‘There’s plenty of time’ or ‘It doesn’t matter when you start’ but it’s hard to explain how I feel. If any shrinks are reading, feel free to analyse.

So that’s that, I will probably be graduating in March sometime. I have received an conditional offer for Masters at Deakin, the condition being that I passed my subjects, which I did. I’m now in the process of putting together a portfolio for applications to University of Melbourne and RMIT, so even though I have finished university there is still plenty to do. I may take a stroll down memory lane towards the end of year, but for now, as the great Homer Simpson said “and that’s the end of that chapter” flicks scarf over shoulder….