Ever since I started studying architecture I’ve been on the search for the right ‘pencil’ [pen] case, as I can’t just have any pencil case. I’ve had three cases, one was questionable from the beginning, the second was good for the first couple months but this third one, I think I’ve found the one. For me, these aren’t just pencil cases, I have a criteria. Size, shape, number of pens that can be held, material and colour are the main points I look for in a case. I look for how a case looks when closed on my desk, open next to me but also how easy it is to carry around. I am a simple man when it comes to drawing these days, I’m happy with a thick and thin Sharpie, and MAYBE a couple other thicknesses if need be. In the photo above I have a couple of the Ultra Fine, Extra Fine and Fine Sharpies, plus a red Ultra Fine and Fine. I also have a couple Artline pens (0.4 and 0.2) for light lines and writing. For me, that’s all I really need to carry in the pen department, and I don’t use pencils. Back in the day I may have tried to get more colours, some markers, etc but that’s over-complicating, looking to keep things simple.

I spent months waiting for this pencil case to pop up, checking the local art stores every couple of months. This (currently) is perfect for me, I can fit a few pens in there, there is another compartment if I want to expand, canvas material, it’s dark grey and isn’t plastered with branding. It is also easy to put in my laptop bag, isn’t bulky or awkward, and I don’t mind looking at it.

Is this love affair for something as mundane as a pencil-case an architecture thing? Or is it me? I have seen other architecture students with very average pencil cases, but I’ve seen a few, who like me, care about their pen storage. Would a lawyer or doctor analyse and be picky with their pencil case? Please, someone tell me I’m not the only one who cares so much about a pencil case!