I recently reactivated my Facebook account, granted it was to rant about our studio in our school’s Facebook group. I could probably guess most of you are probably on the Facebook, especially if you came here via a link on the Facebook. I wanted to just share with you my experiences using the Facebook in relation to architecture, and hoping the Facebook pay’s me a dollar each time I mention, the Facebook. [$7 thus far]

I do “suffer” from the Facebook addiction, and a lot of times it’s merely aimlessly browsing/scrolling through my news feed and pages. At times I do engage in conversation with friends/family but I have deliberately kept my friend’s list low. I also contribute to several groups [and an administrator to a couple], and of course manage my Facebook page. Then, when need be I have joined private groups to have discussions with fellow students regarding our group assignment. [$9 thus far]

We have been on either fence, where we look over to our friend who appears to be engrossed in their work only to realise they are on the Facebook, OR we’ve been that friend engrossed in the Facebook while others work tirelessly. We’ve seen countless memes regarding the Facebook and productivity/university, and quite often they resonate with us, as a lot [not all, but a lot] are guilty of procrastinating on the social media. [$12 thus far]

Can the Facebook be an useful tool, not only for students, but architecture students? [$13 thus far]

A tutor at my university quite often uses the Facebook for his tutorial groups, even suggesting the few students who aren’t on the Facebook to sign up, even just for the semester. The tutor would create a group and quite often during the semester post up videos, questions, engage in discussions, answer his student’s questions and try and get students to post up their work for online critiquing. To me, that is a very effective use of the Facebook, not every student in the group is so engaging but that tends to be a reflection of the individual, not the notion or idea of using the Facebook. [$17 thus far]

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For a studio, as a tutorial group, we had to analyse the site of the project, and effectively share that information with the rest of the group [we each had a different section to analyse]. We decided to create a Facebook [as I think 24/25 were on Facebook] group where we could post our finding and information. Once that section of the studio project was completed we all stayed in the group, and many of us used it as a medium outlined above. However, while our tutor was a member of the group, much of our discussions/critiques were spearheaded by us, but our tutor would often respond to each post, whether it had a question for him or one of us wanted some feedback on a design. [$19 thus far]

It isn’t just studio groups, but also just small group assignment groups. The ability to share files, discuss and ask questions is invaluable. Moving up, then there are architecture school-based groups, where students of a particular university can be updated on events, happenings, rant, and ask specific questions regarding the school/rooms/teachers/etc. Then, there are nation-wide groups, and even international groups. Some architecture-based groups have over 20,000 members! [$19 thus far]

That seems to be the positives to having a Facebook group, and also a more productive way to use it. It can be a great way to connect with fellow students, share videos/photos, discuss ideas and critique each other. As I said, not everyone is so engaging but it’s worth trying. [$20 thus far]

Apart from networking, it’s a great tool to follow architecture related pages [cough THAT ARCHITECTURE STUDENT cough cough] such as ArchDaily, Life of an Architect, Stuck in Studio and many more. [still $20 thus far]

I won’t go into the negatives such as the “trolling”, cyber bullying and the “I’m posting every personal thing about myself, every hour, every day, then complain I have no privacy”, as I feel as though that is common for any social media platform. In terms of just Facebook, there isn’t too many negatives if you use it to it’s fullest potential. Yes you may get distracted from time to time, or enter in lengthy debates and argue with people but it is a great tool. [$21 thus far]

If I can leave you with one more thing, the Facebook, the Facebook, the Facebook and the Facebook. [$25 total, multiply by 10 = $250, sweet!]