Architecture studios tend to not have a lot of rules, well at least at my university. Besides some rules created by the university (don’t use certain tools, don’t climb on shelving, basic OH&S) and notes left by students such as “PLEASE DON’T TOUCH“, that’s about it. I want to write these rules down…..

– Please don’t touch my model, I shouldn’t have to write a note

– Please don’t throw out my hand sketches and drawings

– Please clean up your workspace before you leave, and take your hand sketches and drawings with you

– Please throw your discarded food in the bins provided

– Please if you’re going to listen to music or watch a movie, headphones or low volume

– Please, unless you’re a good friend, if I have headphones in do not distract me

– Please don’t come to me 457x during the day/night asking questions about a software, I have review tomorrow as well

– Please wear deodorant if you haven’t showered for the day

– Please don’t judge me if I’m in the studio in trackies and a hoodie

– Please don’t touch my computer, even if left open, this includes “hacking” my Facebook

– If you are going to talk loudly on your mobile, or with a group of friends (which involves EXTREMELY LOUD laughter), could you please go elsewhere?

Some may seem harsh and looking to suck the fun out of the studio but no. Would it be acceptable to do these things in a classroom? Library? Office? The studio is regarded as a workspace, there are plenty of spaces to relax, talk loudly and be messy, but not in the studio.

Do you have any unwritten rules to add to the list?