Here in Australia many universities are set to return over the next few weeks, where hundreds of first year architecture students will begin their journey. Perhaps you are one of them and not entirely sure what is ahead of you for the next 3-5 years, well let this be somewhat of a guide…. [note, individual experiences may vary]

1. You will cut yourself
Not in a way that has everyone concerned about your mental well-being, more so when making models and you are cutting cardboard, you may slip.

2. You will want to throw your computer out the window
But you don’t, because you need it, and the computer knows this and uses it against you.

3. You will need to maneuver around campus with 25 different items
T-squares, folio bags, pens, trace, rulers, model material, models, posters/drawings are just some of the items you will need on you while trying to dodge fellow students.

4. You will cry
Whether it’s from a bad critique, your computer crashes or you drop your beautiful hand-drawn sketch in mud, you will end up crying at some point.

5. You will question your yourself
At times, mainly after crits, you will say to yourself “Am I cut out for this?” Don’t worry, you are, just keep pushing through.

6. You will be up all night
Unless you’re REALLY good with time management, there’s a good chance you will be up all night, a few times.

7. You will have to cancel with friends
Your non-architecture friends may be planning to party tonight, and have invited you along, you will end up canceling in order to have the required drawings for tomorrow…. [sigh]

8. You will be poor at stages
With the price of model materials, coffee, trace paper, pens, late-night snacks and the big killer, printing, you will experience being poor.

9. You will have more photos of buildings
No longer will your photo library be full of photos of your cat, family, friends and yourself, it will now contain photo after photo of buildings.

10. You will have fun
It isn’t all doom and gloom, it is enjoyable and fun, so don’t get too stressed.

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