The studio and the computer labs, the two rooms on campus that majority of architecture students will spend their studies. We may visit the library or break-out spaces for a day or so, but eventually we make our way back to our own turf. But which space out of the two is best for working? Well that’s purely subjective, and it will vary between universities, but let me put my personal argument forward at Deakin University, in Geelong, Victoria, Australia…. Before I continue, I understand the studio and computer lab have different functions and purposes, and you won’t exactly see students building a physical model in the computer lab (unless you have?). Nor do you commonly see a full computer desktop setup in the studio (but I have seen this!), so each room has their own purpose. For this argument, let’s say you are modeling your project on a computer, Photoshopping, rendering, making your presentation boards, so where is the best place to do that, the studio or the computer lab? 20150202_103841 You would think the computer labs would be the best space to do your own, well on computers. The computers are fairly well equipped (I don’t know the specs however), have the required software, air-conditioned, open 24/7. 20150202_103602 The studio is vast, open, able to spread out and if you have your own laptop you can plug into a powerboard situated around the space. But is it a good space to work solely on computer work? 20150202_103845 Personally speaking, I do not like the computer labs. I find the labs to be uninspiring, bland, catastrophic and unable to spread out. It’s difficult to do group work around the computer due to the limited space, and whenever I visit the labs it’s purely just to print, and as soon as I am done, I’m straight out of there, I try and convince any group work to be either in the library or the studio. 20150202_103620 The studio is THE place for me to work, I can set up a little nest where I can have my laptop, books, trace, bag, food, drinks and everything else spread over a table or two without feeling guilty. The studio space at Deakin [later post to come] is amazing, not just with the room and space but also the architecture, it feels like an adapted woolshed whereas the computer labs feels just that. I’m a strange person, I enjoy the city life with people around me, yet when at a desk or sitting somewhere I prefer to have at least a one-person space between myself and the next person. It’s hard to sometimes achieve that in the computer lab, but with the studio you can work around a desk with friends and still maintain your own space. What about you? Where do you prefer to do your work (on computers)?

P.S. I really need to work on my photography skills, especially stopping the shakes!