I have to be the least traveled architecture student I think?! All my architecture friends and co-students have been overseas, or if not at least to the other side of the country. I haven’t even been on an airplane, and at 26 years old it’s not only surprising to others, it’s embarrassing for me. I have a close friend who is off traveling the world as I type this (in fact he does have a blog, check it out, Lost Aussie) and I can openly admit to being insanely jealous. So why haven’t you traveled the world yet? Good question!

141208 _ world

As you can see by my coloured world map, orange indicates where I’ve been, grey is representative of where I have yet to grace. I have been to one country, but to be fair I was here since the very millisecond I’ve was born. There is huge amounts of land that I have yet to discover, buildings I have yet to see and moments I have yet to experience.

141208 _ australia

Looking at the world map and the coloured version of Australia, that isn’t a very accurate representation. The world map may lead you into thinking I’ve been to Perth, Darwin and Hobart, but I haven’t. In fact it even is a little misleading when states are fully coloured as I can assure you I have not been to the north-west corner of NSW. Perhaps I should update it with dots?

If I am to travel, it won’t be a ‘holiday’, I’m not after relaxation and beautiful sunsets over my 5-star hotel on the 40th floor overlooking the ocean. I can do half of that scenario at home, I’m rather after experiences, memories and to see the architecture I have only seen in books and online. I want to become friends with strangers, try things that can only be done there and get lost on the other side of the world.

I do need to improve on my map, so my plan is after finishing university for good, undertake a large backpacking trip through Europe and make my way to Asia, or if how viable a world-wide adventure is. Or maybe perhaps travel in my own backyard and road-trip around Australia? What do you think? Comment below, and if there is one part of the world I have to see (whether it’s for the architecture in general, a particular building, an experience, event, etc) please share with me!