Yesterday was a pretty big day, had a full day of work and then attended two architecture exhibitions, the Melbourne-based PaperSpace and Melbourne University’s MSDx Graduate Exhibition, in the new building designed by John Wardle Architects. I didn’t get too many photos of the exhibitions unfortunately, I sometimes get a bit, umm worried?, taking photos at major events and such, especially if strangers are in the photos.


Deakin’s PaperSpace Exhibition in Melbourne was the first of its kind, being in the heart of the CBD. The annual PaperSpace Exhibition is usually held in Geelong only, however the organisers this year reached out to the Melbourne market to get the best 20 projects from Master Class, as selected by the unit chair and tutors. Having already looked at the projects in the past I didn’t attend for the projects but more so to see what it was like.

Much like the Geelong exhibiton, the Head of School welcomed everyone, speeches done by the unit chair, the organisers, a guest and two students. In similar fashion to Geelong, I gorged on the free party pies, taking advantage of a free dinner. The set up was done pretty well, with ample space around each project and a flowing paper wrapping that resembles one of Zaha Hadid’s buildings. As the night went on however, these once crisp white sheets of paper soon displayed footprints and slight rips from the intrigued viewers.

After chatting to a couple teachers, the Head of School and a fellow student, I decided to not stay too long and opted to descend out of the hot and humid room (it was quite hot in there, a program made for a good fan!) into the light drizzle night of Melbourne and embarked on my journey to locate the new architecture building at Melbourne University for their exhibition. P.s I did get lost and rained on!


I’ll try and keep this about the exhibition more so than the building, as that’s a whole other post on its own! I like seeing other university’s exhibitions, it allows me to compare briefs, themes, attitudes and presentations. There were some terrific projects on display, but at the same time some I questioned being displayed. What was evident was that there were a lot of projects on display! I’m guessing the school wanted to completely fill the new building up with projects they gathered as many projects as possible. It was fairly overwhelming, but it did mean there was plenty of variety.

There were quite a few people around the exhibition which created a bit of an atmosphere. Where PaperSpace was more intimate, lower ceilings, more compact room, curated and select number of projects, MSDx was the complete opposite! Expansive, soaring voids and plenty of space and projects.

After seeing enough (I couldn’t stay there all night studying each project) I decided to walk back to my girlfriend’s place. Although she was a good 3-4km away, and it was still drizzling and raining for parts, it was a good opportunity for me to reflect on both the exhibitions, the differences, the similarities, the good and the bad.

Although I am completely exhausted today, with another full day of work, I’m glad I made the effort to attend both. It was disappointing to only see a few undergrad / 4th years at the Deakin exhibition. I figured the low turn out for the Geelong exhibition was due to majority of students living in Melbourne, so perhaps they all will attend the Melbourne exhibition. Turns out I was wrong, so perhaps something Deakin needs to look into.