I wasn’t able to make the opening night of RMIT’s exhibition due to family commitments but I made sure to go visit the general exhibition, so today I wandered down to the ol’ Design Hub (By Sean Godsell Architects) to have a look. I was somewhat a little disappointed in the amount of work on display, as I could only find the one level in the hallway (despite two levels being advertised, and what appeared to be more work behind glazed locked doors), but it was interesting to see projects from other universities.


I want to go on record saying, the RMIT Design Hub would have to be the PERFECT venue to host an architectural exhibition in. The internal spaces, as seen above, surely were designed with exhibitions in mind as there is essentially three sections.

Section A | the seating, where you can sit and converse with fellow exhibition goers about the works on display, but you also can slightly turn and marvel at the facade of the building and the city just outside.

Section B | the passage is great to have tables with models, or portfolios, gives you plenty of space either side to view what’s on display but to also access the other levels and walk past.

Section C | the wall, perfect backdrop for having posters, can be ‘fixed’ with magnets (due to the steel).


I did like the tables the models were displayed on (hang on, shouldn’t I be marveling at the models, not the furniture??), nice simple and clean design, movable and seemed to be a good size for the models they did have.


I get rather picky with models but there were some really nice elegant ones such as this, with simple MDF site, white styrofoam context and I’m pretty sure the blue was to represent their design.


These models were impressive to say the least! Their sheer scale was something that made you take notice. They are models of iconic skyscrapers, and I think it’s a great exercise for architectures to build one so you can appreciate these buildings. At Deakin they do a standard ‘spec home’ model at 1:5 (or maybe it’s been reduced to 1:10) where they build the stud frames (noggings included), rafters, etc but I think something like the above photo would be far more useful for architecture students, and something Deakin could proudly display.


Hanging stuff, in this case portfolios, are always eye-catching, not to mention big slabs of pink! Like what I said earlier, the steel ‘facade’ on this wall creates an interesting separation material, instead of a standard white plaster or fabric pin board.


Overall it was a good exhibition to check out, if not for the projects, then for the space being used for exhibiting work. There were some interesting projects but I didn’t have time to really take to take them all in so I mainly just glanced and stared intently at only a couple. I don’t really need much of an excuse to go visit the Design Hub, but this was just as good as any.