Tonight was the opening night of the annual PaperSpace Exhibition for Deakin University, which showcases projects predominantly from the graduating Masterclass students but also 4th years, but also a few projects throughout undergrad. I thought I’d go along, if not to see the projects but at least for the free party pies (and I got my worth there!). I need to learn how to hold the camera steady, or cut back on the Red Bull…. Holding steady it is! Apologies if a few of the photos are blurry. 


There was a good turn out for the opening night of the exhibition, attended by staff, students and what I can assume are friends, family and guests. It was held in the old Ford Discovery Building, which Deakin University has now taken over, and the space was near perfect for exhibiting architectural work. Timber floorboards, steel beams and columns exposed, large open spaces, an atrium space at the entry, just a great space.


I attended some of the Masterclass presentations, so wandering around at the start I recognised some (if not, many) of the projects, and due to restrictions I’d say 100% of the students went back to amend their boards to fit onto four (for presentations they had upwards of 6).


It was a great atmosphere with staff chatting away to the students, I had a chat with my 3B unit chair (and tutor) and we got talking about my project. He seemed somewhat disappointed in my final scheme in that I ended up relying on the computer too much (which was true, couldn’t dispute that) but he also really liked my interim review idea of the courtyard and wished I had explored that more. He went on to talk about how not many students thought about inside-open space (ie courtyard) and when I told him I ditched the idea due to computer modeling I think he died a little inside! Looking back I wished I did continue on with the courtyard, and who knows, maybe my project could have been featured….




The head of school welcomed everyone and introduced staff to speak, along with two Masterclass students and a guest speaker also spoke. All-in-all it wasn’t a bad evening, I could be picky and say ‘the DJ was too loud to foster comfortable speaking’ and ‘the tables the models were displayed on could have been nicer, and the same size/height’ and ‘the party pies should have been brought out earlier’ but that’s nit-picking. I’m intrigued to see how the first ever PaperSpace Exhibition in Melbourne goes….