Yesterday was the final review for Artifex:Fabrica, or The Arts Block (which it ended up being named), and instead of taking you through the design, the details and what not, thought I’d share with you the days leading up to it, the day and post-day. I’ll also add a few full-size colour perspectives at the end, as it will help with a point.

I didn’t have the greatest week leading up to the review, I had a productive final tutorial/studio session but after that it went downhill. If you read one of my earlier blogs, you’d see that I was struggling with a subject with stress and whatnot, and I thought dropping the subject will help. It turns out it didn’t do too much (it helped but not a great lot).

What I did notice was the lack of energy and motivation I had in the final week. I had some big weeks leading up to it, the stress and worrying ended up taking its toll. I felt as though I ended up just burning out, especially in the last couple days.

What resulted was my energy being spent on a few areas of my design and some particular requirements for final review, however when you spend your energy on one part, the other parts lack. I spent it on the gallery, pavilion and the courtyard, with some minor effort into the studio space, however what was compromised was the overall studio and the residences.

I did enjoy designing and modeling the gallery and pavilion and playing around with the courtyard and the grid system (which the reviewers did like), and it felt like a chore doing the rest. In the end I wasn’t happy with the studio/residence building, and that’s evident when you look at what I spent time on.


When you look at my boards  you’ll notice it’s quite bare, and there’s a reason. It’s lacking a lot of the required drawings, including a sustainability sketch (how are you meant to sketch that the scheme is to help sustain Geelong’s city?), street elevations, detail of a section, context plan and didn’t do a physical model either. If you do notice, a section and the perspectives are the drawings I put my time and energy in, and these are the ones I like. However the plans, the short section lack the same detail, energy and jazz.

I did plan on making a model, I was excited for it, however it all got the better of it and had to do away with it.

Probably the last thing you’ll notice is the output, as we were allowed two A1’s to be colour, yet my entire layout is greyscale. This decision came from having a severe lack of money and couldn’t afford colour, even for two boards. It costed me $10 all up, which was good financially however the reviewer did question the lack of colour and I should have played with the contrast if I decided greyscale.

What made the review even worse, I decided to go to bed at around 2am the night before, wake up at 8am, go get it printed, grab breakfast and hand it in, even with crappy boards. What ended up happening was waking up at 10:20am (20minutes past the submission time!), racing to get it printed and returning to present on time. I was flustered, tired and not confident with my output, but what did the reviewers think?

Overall I think they liked it, they liked the pavilion and how I designed the courtyard/ground plane, and liked the rationale thinking behind the grid layout…. However, they did question the logistics of a 5x5m prefabricated panel to slot into the steel, the residences could have done with more individuality (opposed to my copy-paste job) and had trouble seeing the perspectives due to contrast. With that, I’m not sure how I will go in terms of marks, but as long as I pass I’ll be happy. I am worried with the lack of model, some drawings and I was late, so 10% deducted, it may actually send me to a fail for the review.

After review I pretty much went home, laid in bed, fell asleep and slept for a few good hours, even slept through dinner! Now, I need to produce a portfolio for the trimester, and I have a little bit more energy than I do now, but there is a lot that needs to be done!

So it wasn’t the review I had visioned the week prior, in fact the complete opposite but I am still pretty happy with the design and idea as a whole (besides the studio/residence building) and may even go back at some stage and develop it further.