I had interim review for our design subject on Tuesday, and the days leading up were the most brutal I’ve done ever, I think by the end I was awake for approximately 54 hours. Let me tell you, I went through quite a few stages and stages, some good, a lot not so good. The last six weeks leading up to design were relatively good, some of my ideas were well received by my tutor, he has pushed me in exploring ideas, developing my sketching skills and learning about connecting architecture.

From there I started to try a few options but nothing was sitting well with myself, and for me if I don’t like the design I can’t expect others to like it. I went back and re-thought about my idea, what do I want to achieve, and a couple things popped out…

1 | open space
2 | flexibility
3 | art hub of Geelong

These three elements allowed me to really explore the site and try something with as to be an art hub you need flexibility (to accommodate the different genres of art) and having open space can make the place a relaxing and enjoyable place to be.

I then got the idea to use grids, which are very evident in the Geelong’s city plan, and started to map out 5x5m spaces at the main road frontages. It was there when I added in new functions to the brief to include the pavilion (an open-air gallery for other artist’s to use) and beefing up the floor area of the create space to accommodate other artists, along with creating the yard that connects all the buildings together.

Flexibility came into my design in 3 main areas, one being the facades and how they are interchangeable and the other two being the hanging space in the structures. How it works is the walls are attached to a telescopic arm which extends up and down, sit out on this grid, you can either have all the walls down and facing one direction or another, creating purely a painting exhibition, or you could raise them all up for a large open area or have some up and some down to accommodate a range of arts.

In the end, I was happy with my design, still am, and excited to see where it progresses to. What’s really strange is even being awake for 48hrs, I still loved my design, I never reached the “Oh I hate it” which I usually do experience.

Thinking back to that 54hrs awakes, I swear I still haven’t recovered. It took a lot out of me, both physically and mentally and I wonder how I managed to do it. I’ve done 24hrs, 36hrs and such but never one over 48hrs. At times I hit a second, third or fourth wind, finding energy to keep pushing but then I experienced times where I could not look at my screen without starting to nod off at my desk. However the hardest part was when it was all done and we had to present.

I had to stand up, walk around to all the different groups to avoid falling asleep in the chair, last thing I wanted to do was a big snore or snort during someone’s presentation! I’m not sure how I came across during my review, but given the feedback and comments, it must have been alright. By the end of the day I was finding it difficult to stand up, I was seeing things which weren’t there and were forgetting what someone said only a few seconds ago.

I ended the day by ordering pizza, hopping into bed with a movie and I swear within 3 minutes of starting (around 6pm) I was out! Woke up at 7am with the pizza box, untouched, next to me, I had a slice, checked social media, then went back to sleep until noon. Even for the rest of the day I was exhausted!

I’ve had a couple days to recover, think about the comments/feedback and start to think about my design. I feel the main structure is critical, and want to show this off, so want to design something with this that fits the context, my vision and the site. I then want to further develop the interior spaces, and how the buildings sit next to existing ones.

A few things to work on but I’m quite confident with where the design is heading!