No, the news isn’t I won $50,000,000,000,000, but even better! I was offered the role of SONA rep for Deakin University today, after following my application up with an email today. I just need to sign a form tomorrow and email it through, and it’s a done-deal, then there is a camp from the 21st of Feb to the 23rd.

I have felt there is a lack of student culture at Deakin, especially in the architecture school, so that is something I am looking forward to tackling when I start this role. I have some ideas, which I’ll run by the SONA people first before mentioning here, but I feel pretty confident I can improve on last year. Also keen to enlist some help (can’t do everything on my own), so hopefully I can get a couple mates together and we can make a difference.

I am looking forward to not only being a voice for Deakin, meeting new people and organising/running events but also going to conferences, networking and that behind the scenes stuff.

I’ve already had a thought about the set-up I want to do, thinking of setting up a couple tables in the studio, near the entry/exit, and basically spend all day (barring lectures, tutes, studio, and other commitments that will come up) there, Monday to Friday. By doing this I’ll constantly be available to anyone who wants to join, wants to discuss something or know more about an event. It’s not like I’ll sit there twiddling my thumbs, by having a nice set-up I can have my SONA desk, then another desk so I can do homework and my other work. Sure some days I might only get 1 or 3 visitors, probably even 0, but those days I’ll still be in the studio, I can do my work, and I’ve found when I’m in the studio, opposed to being here at home, I am less distracted by things like movies, tv shows and that.

That’s probably my first point of action, is getting my nest set-up and established, then as well as approaching mates and some other people and join forces and all that good stuff. Before I get too carried away, I’ll send through my acceptance tomorrow with a couple questions and I’ll go from there.

Pretty excited about the year ahead…..