Students VS Structure

At least one subject a year, sometimes two, in architecture school involves structure and/or construction. In early years it’s simply learning the basics, and later on you learn how to detail construction or design structure. I also come from a TAFE background, and working with builders, so […]


Where Am I Now?

It’s been 42 days since I wrote the sentence “Or maybe I need to take a few more steps back and think ‘Should I do something else?’” on a blog post explaining my situation at the time. If you haven’t read it, a brief summary […]

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An Explanation

I want to use this post to explain a couple things, and for me personally as a way to get some thoughts out. I have touched on briefly about this in scattered tweets and Instagram posts but I don’t think I’ve properly addressed here on […]


Best Nine of 2016

As is tradition on the blog I thought I’d share the best nines of 2016, including the best nine blog posts that were written this year. These are based on the number of views, and it gives me a form of indication of what you […]

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How I Turned it Around

Do you ever have them subjects where you expect the worst? You don’t only expect a fail, but a hard fail at that. If you read this blog regularly you’d know of my struggles this semester with studio, if you aren’t aware just randomly click […]

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It’s All Relative

During my studies I have became acquainted with fellow architecture students across all year levels, especially when I was Deakin’s SONA representative (because, well, that was kind of my role). I started my journey as a 22-year old doing the Advanced Diploma of Building Design […]


Execution is Everything

“What is more important, an idea or its execution?” That question was proposed on The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon, the theoretical physicist was in favour of execution whilst Leonard, a experimental physicist was all about the idea. It is an interesting question that is highly […]

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